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El Camino (Breaking Bad Movie)
Just finished watching this. IT IS BRILLIANT.

I had low and high expectations for this movie, from the reviews i read it was mixed opinions and seeing that it was an 8.1 in its first week of release i was thinking its gonna be good but not brilliant.


Aaron Paul is amazing in this film, he is amazing at playing the part of Jessie, I really cant see anyone else playing as him in it.
Solid story and some really really good moments in there, the only thing thats kinda a downfall is the ending 

I don't like the part with Jane at the ending i think it should have been left out
But my favourite part through all of it is definitely the western style type scene.

But overall id say no complaints a pretty much perfect movie.

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Saw it, thought it was decent but I echo Moe's comments on finding it kinda unnecessary. There wasn't much about this that couldn't be inferred from the ending of Felina. Still I liked a lot of the sequences in it, the duel and its use of the 'Chekov's Gun' motif was very nicely done in particular.

I remember a while ago someone posting a tv-to-movie fanedit of Breaking Bad and I wonder how this could be incorporated into it, even as a wee few minute epilogue.
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(10-12-2019, 02:03 PM)bionicbob Wrote: Minor nitpick, while the movie picks up instantly from the final episode, in real life much time has passed and most of the actors look older and heavier (especially Todd)... though this is an issue with Better Call Saul too... so it might take a few beats for some  to accept this and go with the flow of the narrative. 

Bionicbob, I'm with you, I don't think this is a bad thing to mention.  It's so noticeable with some characters that it took me out of the story.  That's the issue.  It's not only Todd, Mike looks thinner and older, Pete looks anorexic (though you could write that off as him being even more cracked-out), and Jesse looks ...wider in the face?  I mean, aging is unavoidable, but Breaking Bad is the biggest thing to happen to all these guys.  As a director/producer, I would've liked to have seen them control what they could control and get back in the shape they were in for the series.  Actors do this all the time when they make movie sequels, it's pretty par-for-the-course.

One thing nobody has mentioned about this is that it fills in some of the time gaps in the final season of BB.  There were things we never got to see, and I was aware of kind of moving from momentous moment to momentous moment a bit quicker than I would've liked as BB wrapped up.  I very much appreciated the flashbacks in this, despite the body size/aging not matching perfectly.  

For me, this was a nice way to finally be able to say goodbye to the series.  Not "necessary", but very welcome.  Now maybe people will stop bugging Aaron Paul for another season.  Smile
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Finally watched this last night!

It was definitely something that is 5 years too late, but overall a great epilogue to the series.  If you loved the characters, then I would call it essential to really feel that definitive ending.  Solid 9/10.
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