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Blu Ray authoring for Mac
Having completed my first edit, I want to make a proper Blu Ray for it. Well, I've got the design side of the Blu Ray down, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a single Mac authoring app available that does what I want in terms of translating it into a burnable disc. I've tried Toast, Leawo, DVDFab, none of which have anything like the capabilities I need. Toast doesn't even do subtitles. The only apps that seem to be at all capable are all Windows-only. Can anyone help at all?
Sorry, I don't know much about Mac software but have you looked into monthly subscription services? That way you can get a top level program for less money, if you just need it the once. Adobe Encore?
Encore isn't available any more, it looks like, at least not without jumping through several dubious hoops. Looks like I've probably got a workaround, though: DVD Styler has the features I want in terms of menus, subtitles, disc structure and so on, and although it ostensibly only authors DVDs, it's able to make a kind of pseudo-DVD with full HD video. Once I have that, there's a little utility called DVDtoBD Express which can process the pseudo-DVD and turn it into a compliant BD. Said utility is Windows-only, but I should be able to borrow someone's PC to do a fairly simple mechanical job like that.

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