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I liked the original film, even if it was somewhat Americanised, Constantine, in the comics being a tough, street-wise working class Brit -- part of what makes him stand out from the crowd of more genteel occult detectives, of whom Dr Strange is a modern variant. Plus, I also like Keanu Reeves' pre-John Wick stuff quite a bit, although he's admittedly not the greatest actor in the world: I'd put "Bram Stoker's Dracula," "Johnny Mnemonic," the first "Matrix," and "The Devil's Advocate" on my shelf any day (although I do draw the line at "The Day the Earth Stood Still"!).

So, I watched the "Hellblazer" fanedit more out of interest, rather than due to any disappointment with the original "Constantine." Overall, I thought the fanedit was really great! My only quibble would be the visual quality of the copy I had: perhaps I have been spoiled by Blurays and high quality movies in *.mkv containers, and we sometimes forget how low grade some deleted scenes on DVDs have been, but I was really distracted by the picture quality, which was generally worse than the DVD I have of the film (and moreso in some deleted scenes). I cannot say whether the DVD release by the editor was better than the 1.5 gb *.avi I got, but what I had was quite bad and quite distracting.

In short: loved the edit and would recommend, but wish I saw a higher quality release.


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