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Movies that don't quite live up to their amazing Soundtracks
Just like the title says, this thread is for sharing movies that don't quite live up to their great soundtracks. We aren't going to agree, and that's good. Please do not inundate this thread with defending movies that you like that others don't. It's not the point. Just share what you think are terrible movies with great soundtracks.


Alice in Wonderland
I don't think I ever really was able to make it through this movie, but I've listened to the soundtrack, particularly Alice's Theme countless times.

Attack of the Clones
I stopped going to the cinema for years after seeing this movie. I've never stopped listening to Across the Stars though Smile
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Dracula 2000, I haven't watched it, but I've heard it's awful. However, I have a desire to see it because of some of the songs on its soundtrack that I like.

Apparently my mother used to absolutely love the Crow City of Angels soundtrack. I own a copy that I bought at a flea market, I haven't listened to it yet or watched the movie.

I'm not a fan of The Lion King, but I Just Can't Wait to be King is catchy.

One of the Dragon Ball Z movies, Lord Slug, features Stupify by Disturbed, but I've I've heard that the movie itself isn't great.

Lastly, I love Beginning is the End is the Beginning from the Batman and Robin Robin soundtrack, but I'm not a fan of the movie.
Mega Man is best game.
Great soundtracks are often what makes movies good, so it's difficult to think of examples, however...

The swashbuckling score for the flawed 'Waterworld' is great. The long zoom out shots at 01.23 in this clip are awesome with the Mariner's hero theme (not sure if it has a name):

Arguably the score works against the film because the Mariner is not the good Errol Flynn hero the music implies but kind of an insular asshole loner.

John Barry's excellent score fails for similar reasons in the very bad 'Howard the Duck', he ain't James bond:

The Stallone Judge Dredd film is a crime against humanity with a terrific militaristic score:

Even the music composed for the trailer is awesome (and re-used in many other trailers for other 90s movies):

That ^ trailer music would sell you on any movie Big Grin .
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TM2YC , thanks for sharing. I like Silvestri's score for Judge Dredd. I didn't know Goldsmith was initially on the project but left, with only his trailer score being used.
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1492: Conquest of Paradise.
Columbus goes to America. Solid actors and gorgeous cinematography do not save this story from being a stinker. In part disappointing because such a cast raises my expectations.
The music by Vangelis is mesmerizing. Alternately beautiful, haunting, stirring. After his groundbreaking work in the 80s, he still manages to raise his game.
A few more I thought of...

'Days of Thunder' isn't terrible but it's often a silly, cliched and cheesy film that I personally love because it's elevated by maybe the greatest ever driving-movie score by Hans Zimmer. Listening to 'The Last Race' on your car stereo makes sticking to the speed limit difficult Big Grin :

'Masters of the Universe' is of course one the best films ever made but since nobody else seems prepared to admit that I guess it qualifies as terrible. The shameless Superman ripoff score is a treat:

'Heaven's Gate' has a score I probably listen to more often than any other. Bluegrass folk guitar gypsy gorgeousness:

Coccoon: The Return
A very weak sequel to a fantastic movie.
James Horner improves on the already excellent score from Part 1.
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(09-07-2019, 08:32 PM)TM2YC Wrote: 'Masters of the Universe' is of course one the best films ever made but since nobody else seems prepared to admit that I guess it qualifies as terrible. The shameless Superman ripoff score is a treat:

Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one to realize the similarities to the Superman score. It is pretty enjoyable, and I guess having a passable ripoff is better than an outright bad original sound.
And I agree that it's one of the best films ever made.
Mega Man is best game.
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The phrase...

"James Horner did an amazing score for > insert name of terrible film <"

...is probably going to appear a lot in this thread Big Grin .
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Stargate isn't a terrible movie by any means, but its not nearly so good that it deserves David Arnold's truly epic score. And epic it truly is.

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