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Movies that don't quite live up to their amazing Soundtracks
Great soundtracks are often what makes movies good, so it's difficult to think of examples, however...

The swashbuckling score for the flawed 'Waterworld' is great. The long zoom out shots at 01.23 in this clip are awesome with the Mariner's hero theme (not sure if it has a name):

Arguably the score works against the film because the Mariner is not the good Errol Flynn hero the music implies but kind of an insular asshole loner.

John Barry's excellent score fails for similar reasons in the very bad 'Howard the Duck', he ain't James bond:

The Stallone Judge Dredd film is a crime against humanity with a terrific militaristic score:

Even the music composed for the trailer is awesome (and re-used in many other trailers for other 90s movies):

That ^ trailer music would sell you on any movie Big Grin .
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