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Movies that don't quite live up to their amazing Soundtracks
Dracula 2000, I haven't watched it, but I've heard it's awful. However, I have a desire to see it because of some of the songs on its soundtrack that I like.

Apparently my mother used to absolutely love the Crow City of Angels soundtrack. I own a copy that I bought at a flea market, I haven't listened to it yet or watched the movie.

I'm not a fan of The Lion King, but I Just Can't Wait to be King is catchy.

One of the Dragon Ball Z movies, Lord Slug, features Stupify by Disturbed, but I've I've heard that the movie itself isn't great.

Lastly, I love Beginning is the End is the Beginning from the Batman and Robin Robin soundtrack, but I'm not a fan of the movie.
Mega Man is best game.

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