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Captain America: Civil War - Marvel Crossover:
Captain America: Civil War - Marvel Crossover:

Civil War is already in my top 5 Marvel films. In my opinion, besides some color grading issues, it was flawless (obviously not really but it was really good, okay!) I didn't have a problem with any of the characters, including Zemo. I thought he was a good 'villain', and served his purpose well.

However, this edit is WAY better than the original. Just that little bit of cutting out Zemo and putting the focus back on the Avengers tearing themselves apart REALLY makes a difference in this film. Also, unless I'm misremembering Civil War, there is some regrading that has been done in this edit, which I very much enjoyed, although it did have too much darkness sometimes, in my opinion.

The only reason I can't give the A/V editing a 10 is because I did notice a few jarring switches in audio, and one scene with Zemo in the hotel room that I think should've just been removed completely, given the circumstances.

But, regardless of these small issues, this edit is probably the BEST way to watch Civil War. I highly recommend it.


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