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Ghost in the Shell 2017: Lean & Mean Edition:
Ghost in the Shell 2017: Lean & Mean Edition:

I was lucky enough to see this excellent edit because the editor kindly aided me.

I was not happy with the original film as a fan of the ..everything GITS.
The film missed all the right notes but I felt it had everything it needed to be a solid entry if it could find someone who could play music.

The friendly editor took all the issue I had with the source material and solved them as best they could with what they had.
The editing and as a result narrative was far tighter and accurate to the source material.
I found that if you liked the anime then you will probably like this edit.

Only at one point was I even aware it was an edit and in my memory this is the definitive version. #
If you did not like the junk they added about the Majors back story and all the other fluff then this is the edit for you.
Also I am not aware of any other edits so the fact that the edit we have is a good one is a big win for all!

If you hated the film the edit won't help you but if you wanted to love it but struggled then I would say this might help.

The edit was creative and functional and helped tell the story in a more cohesive and impactful manner.
The audio and visuals were excellent.

6 movie made into a 7.5
Editing 9/10


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