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Titanic (Restructured), The:
Titanic (Restructured), The:

While the original film was good, I felt like it was bogged down by too much needless information. Yeah, the original movie edit had the discovery of the Rose drawing and we see that hey, Rose is an old woman so she had to survive. I also liked that this edit removed the OldRose Narration, especially the line about "the slave ship taking me back to America in chains" which I have always found cringe-ey as heck. The deleted scenes added a lot more to the story, and I liked the inclusion of the 2012 TV show. While I reallllyyy didnt like that series from a narration standpoint, it did have some great scenes.

My only critique on an otherwise great edit is the very end. Rose finds the heart of the ocean in her pocket (per usual) and it fades to the (heaven?) scene where Rose and Jack meet up with the rest of the crew and kiss. Then it flashes to Old Rose throwing the diamond into the ocean. I feel like it might have been better to have Rose finding the diamond, show her on the boat, throwing it off, and then dying in her sleep and going to Jack. Other than that part that confused me, it was perfect.


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