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Incredible Hulk- Tomahawk Extended Edition, The:
Incredible Hulk- Tomahawk Extended Edition, The:

I see this edit more as a proof-of-concept that there is a better movie within all the footage available for Incredible Hulk 08 than this being that better movie. Many of the scenes added enhance character development and make plot points clearer, but not all of them need to be included or included in their full form (much of the added Blonsky/General Ross footage sticks out in this way). The added scenes of Banner talking to "Mr. Blue" in Brazil also bother me since the restored footage has a different GUI on Banner's computer chat than the theatrical footage does, but that's probably minor.

All in all, I hope someone (maybe myself?) will one day tackle this film again using the structure of this edit as a guide to find an ideal "middle ground" between the too-short theatrical cut and this.


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