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Star Trek Vengeance:
Star Trek Vengeance:

TM2YC has done an excellent job fixing the major problems with "Into Darkness," including some I hadn't thought were fixable (such as Kirk's demotion and Uhura's characterization). The FX work he's done to get some of these changes to work is nothing short of flawless, and I noticed no audio issues on my 2.1 soundbar setup.

Narratively, I still have my issues with the film, specifically Khan's magical healing blood and the "Wrath of Khan" remake B.S. with Kirk that makes the magical healing blood necessary to the plot, but the way it's been edited here makes it all much more palatable. And I have to say, bold (but very smart!) choice in cutting Nimoy from the film - I wouldn't have thought a fan editor would have the guts to do that now that he's sadly gone, but it is absolutely the right choice for this film.

"Star Trek: Vengeance" now it sits comfortably alongside the theatrical ST09 and Beyond discs on my shelf, forever replacing the theatrical cut with no reservations whatsoever.


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