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Star Trek Vengeance:
Star Trek Vengeance:

So I liked the original film well enough, Im a huge Star Trek fan and a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch. But the movie always was off for me, particularly how it treated Uhura and Carol. The gratuitous strip tease from Carol is gone, which I appreciated since it did nothing for the plot or character AT ALL. And a lot of the "nagging Uhura" lines are gone, which really does a lot of good for her character (since I actually LIKE her character) Another welcome change I never knew I needed was the elimination of Kirks demotion. It was always weird to me that he was figuratively put in a corner for five minutes and then let back out when Pike was killed. This way he still got reprimanded for his actions but it made more sense plot wise. While I do love the iconic "KHAANNNN!" moment, the lack of it doesnt harm the movie in any way.

I think the only issue I have with this edit, which is one I can easily fix myself and its not really that distracting, is that the movie will switch from full screen to wide screen at some points. Im not sure why, as the scenes arent deleted or anything. (Keep in mind Im new to the site so I might have used the wrong file)


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