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Spider-Man 2.2:
Spider-Man 2.2:

A minimal review for a minimal edit: Bobson improves the film. This edit is better than either 2.0 or 2.1.

But seriously, the official Spider-Man 2.1 improved on the theatrical 2.0 version. Except in the elevator scene, which became oddly prominent with its extended runtime. The changed dialog would fit a Director's Commentary (how can we capitalize on Spidey's fame), but was out of place inside the story. This is fixed seamlessly.
Bobson also improves on / corrects a minor but fun Mr Aziz moment.
To elevate this fanedit beyond the two in-movie improvements, we further get lots of extras.

Is it possible to make an even better edit of this film? Probably (I'm looking at you, lame end-credits pop song), but none exists. So until Bobson treats us to version 2.4, this is your go-to edition of Spiderman 2.


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