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Star Wars: The Coaxium Heist:
Star Wars: The Coaxium Heist:

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm I was excited for new Star Wars content under the Disney banner. When TFA and Rouge One were released it appeared LFL was on the right track with the fans and were mostly well received. Unfortunately this goodwill with fans went south after The Last Jedi was released to the public. Only two movies in and there was already an uproar (with good reason). Like a lot of SW fans I did not watch Solo in the cinemas due to the The Last Jedi being such a disgrace of a movie. Eventually I was able to watch the it for free on DVD and realized I was glad I skipped it. However, there is a good movie hidden under the identity politics and SJW pandering. Digmodification has created the movie that should have been released at the cinemas with this edit. The sexual innuendo between Lando and L3-37 which was just so awkward and unnecessary has been completely removed. L3-37 has been pushed to the background and is almost likable (but still cringy at times). The distracting blue hue has been removed with the color grading so the snow is now white and not blue and much easier on the eyes. However, in the worm's thing hideout in Corellia, the blue hue is left on on to purpose give the hideout a gloomy atmosphere. As there will probalby never by a Solo2 sequel I'm glad the Maul scene has been removed as it felt out pf place and forced fan service. Now the ending appears as if Q'ira is abandoning Han to take over the crime syndicate which I quite like. Digmodification mentioned he would re-add the Maul scene if there is a sequel. Overall, this is a great edit that removes many of the unnecessary scenes and dialogue and that plagued the movie and fixes the color grading that made it hard to watch. Would highly recommend it.


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