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The Return of Sherlock:
The Return of Sherlock:

Watched this a day after watching "The Fall of Sherlock". Story-wise, "The Fall" have more impact to the viewers as the story between Sherlock and Moriarty has intensity (its like a "climax arc" of some sort), whereas in this edit, "The Return", I think it's a little bit of a "breather arc" that tackles the story of "what comes after". So comparing the two will not be apple to apple, in that manner. What's fair to compare though, i think, is the quality of editing. This edit has lower quality than "the Fall", so viewers may find it somewhat disappointing. This may also be true for those who watched the original series in HD format. For me, its just a little. I didn't mind the lower quality as it does not distract me from enjoying the film, whatsoever. But I cannot deny that the quality drop is obvious.

Overall, I just love how this arc moves the series forward after the climax which was "The Fall of Sherlock". And am looking forward in watching the next chapter, "The Vow".


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