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Halloween H20: 20 Years Later - A Fanedit (2018):
Halloween H20: 20 Years Later - A Fanedit (2018):

First off, I really enjoyed this. H20 is one of my favourite movies in the Halloween IP so I love seeing it get another treatment. I'm really big on the small details so I loved the "Dimension Films logo turns orange". This looked slick and you'd never know it wasn't done by the actual studio. I also loved the replacing the Dr. Loomis voiceover with the real deal. I'm all about consistency and I hate when actors are replaced. I thought the implementation of the tv version footage was done well from an editing standpoint but the quality drop really took me out of the movie. This was my only real issue with this fan edit. I really feel like this could be something amazing if you could get a better quality copy of that TV version. (I wonder if it's still airing on HD channels. This Halloween maybe it'll be on tv again to be captured). Other than that I think it's great. If you were to make any future changes, I'd say it would be cool if you use the deepfake software to put the same mask in all the scenes and that way you could avoid trying to cut around them and this way they would all be consistent and you could even pick one of the masks from a different Halloween movie if desired. Since the mask doesn't talk I'd imagine deepfake would work really well in this case.


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