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Hobbit: The Original Two-Film Structure, The:
Hobbit: The Original Two-Film Structure, The:

I watched this fanedit after reading some of the stellar reviews on this site. I hadn't actually watched all 3 Hobbit films since I first watched them in theaters, and decided I didn't want to see the last 2 movies a second time. While the editor did a great job with the material he had, the second act still struggles due to the heavy use of poor CGI, and some overblown story telling. Sorry, this is not a review of the source material, but of the edit. So yeah, great job. Honestly the deleted/extended scenes you used to add detail to Gandalf's story was incredible. Loved how the first movie flowed and was very entertained. The second movie, again, story editing was as good as it could get and really love having these edits so I can enjoy Middle-Earth some more. There were still things that I wish were not in the movie, but again, I think the editor, Adam Dens, made solid decisions to keep some of the less desirable material in order to tell a story. Thank you.


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