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Star Trek: Let The World Slip:
Star Trek: Let The World Slip:

Having watched the three part time travel edit put together by Warlord, I had faith in what he could do with this two-in-one edit of two vaugely connected Trek episodes, an asteroid is the connective issue used here, and the result is a somewhat mixed yet very entertaining story. On a narrative level it works quite well and the structure of the acts all do what his highly detailed change list conveys to the audience, so it works in concept.

On a technical level it is slightly mixed, with occasional hard audio cuts and some framerate pauses, it can be a little distracting, but frustration boils over more because you sort of have to point this out in a review, as someone who appreciates creativity on this level I wasn't taken out of any immersion, I was in awe at how well the editor's story is structured.

I definitely would recommend this edit, it is not perfect, but it has been handled by someone with expert narrative skills and neither episode feels like it gets in the way of one another. This is no frakenstien's monster, this is vintage Trek and you come away with more to ponder from it, like all the great Treks of yesterday provide.


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