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Halloween Resurrection: Resurrected:
Halloween Resurrection: Resurrected:

I enjoyed this edit WAY More than the released version I saw years ago. While there are some things about the film that unfortunately can never be made better (The murder of Laurie Strode and everything that retcon's the H20 ending is still utter Crap) It does one thing that actually makes this a fun film to sit through: It makes Michael Myers Scary. By eliminating as much of the god awful comedic bits possible and adding musical pieces from previous Installments (And Scream 2) Ryantology actually makes the atmosphere tenser, Michael's Presence more intimidating and the characters more realistic and likable.

Again, while there are some things about the film that will make more casual fans of the films wanna skip over this (Which is Understandable), for Hardcore Halloween fans this is Major Improvement and one that I actually recommend seeing especially if you plan on having a marathon of the franchise.


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