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Wonder Woman 1984
(12-08-2019, 05:18 PM)TM2YC Wrote:
(12-08-2019, 04:25 PM)bionicbob Wrote: First trailer has dropped....

That looks awesome!!!

[Image: source.gif]

That version of 'Blue Monday' is so cool. I had one of those watches Big Grin . Looks like the "fish outta water" element that worked so well in the first film is going to flip over to Pine in this one. Loved all the political satire too.

Time to watch it again.

Dum dum me has missed the political satire, could you elaborate?
(12-08-2019, 06:46 PM)Masirimso17 Wrote: Dum dum me has missed the political satire, could you elaborate?

The whole look, conman attitude and coiffed haircut of what I assume to be a villain and Reagan-era businessman. A wall dividing somewhere getting blown up. The line "nothing good is born from lies... and greatness is not what you think" and I believe it depicts a fight in the White House for some reason. That's just the vibe I'm getting, I might be wrong but let's not get into discussing actual politics here.
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Well, that was... weird. And an apparent total match with the Birds of Prey preview - all hyper-saturated flash, no hint of story. At least Pedro Pascal always classes up comic book action movie seque - ohhhh, hmmmmm.
Exhibit A: This movie is set in 1984 and features Wonder Woman swinging from lightning-bolts by her lasso.

Exhibit B: The following song was released in 1984:

Courage, men! we've not sunk before, and we'll not sink now!
The guy who did the trailer music:

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