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Discord Server
We’ve started a Discord server. This is a trial to see if any users are interested in it and would take advantage of it. It’s mostly for chatting but can be used to discuss threads on the site.

The same rules apply there as they do here, e.g. no personal attacks and no sharing download links.

If anyone is interested, PM me and I’ll send you an invite link. We do ask that your username be the same there as it is here.
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I'm interested because SW Galaxy of Heroes has turned me into a Discord user.

My username is the same, right down to the Mountbatten-Windsor!

Please keep this PM in confidence.
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I'm not familiar with it. Would I need to be a regular gamer to take advantage of the platform?
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No. It was originally designed by gamers for gamers, but they’ve branched out since.
I've been using Discord for years, and it's never been for game related reasons, so you're good.
Mega Man is best game.
What is the point of it? (other than making annoying bu-boop sounds all the time, even when you've pressed the mute button).
It's for chatting, essentially.  

Also you should be able to mute the sound.
It's also for Project Runway gifs, which are less large and scary there than they are here apparently.
Possessed you would not believe the stuff jrWHAG42 has been saying about you on this new discord server.
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I'm in.
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