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Game of Thrones: A Tale of Kings and Honor:
Game of Thrones: A Tale of Kings and Honor:

Very well done. I love how the LOTR music was used. Except for a few very recognizable cues, I lost track of the fact that it was music from LOTR and not the original GOT soundtrack. Great work there.

This could have, perhaps, been a little longer to keep a few important narrative and character development ideas, but as this is the first of hopefully several more, I imagine there were some lessons learned on this one.

As others have mentioned, there are several spots where the video pixelates. I thought maybe I'd gotten a corrupted download, but seems not the case. I hope this can be corrected in a Version 2.0.

All that said, I greatly enjoyed watching this. It was a good "Reader's Digest" version of Season 1.


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