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Star Wars Collection
I wanted to upgrade my Star Wars Collection covers to bluray.
Here are the first seven films of the Skywalker saga.

[Image: ZK2Pbh2.png]

[Image: NjyMzyW.png]

[Image: 91NlD5I.png]

[Image: LWQLbzs.png]

[Image: MHt2809.png]

[Image: it2BmV4.png]

[Image: Txi2kXD.png]
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The collection will be

Prequel Trilogy
I - The Phantom Menace
II - Attack of the Clones
III - Revenge of the Sith

Original Trilogy
IV - Star Wars (A New Hope)
V - The Empire Strikes Back
VI - Return of the Jedi

Bonus Material
(bonus DVD and bluray content from original and prequel trilogy)

Sequel Trilogy
VII - The Force Awakens
VIII - The Last Jedi
IX - The Rise of Skywalker

also with

Star Wars Legends
- The Star Wars Holiday Special
- Ewok Adventures
- Droids & Ewoks
- Clone Wars

- The Clone Wars (film)
- Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
- Solo: A Star Wars Story

Maybe in the future, I can make boxsets for each one.

The prequel trilogy set requires the 2-disc DVD set of each film (widescreen) and the bluray, either from the 2011 or 2015 Saga boxset.

The original trilogy set require the 2-disc DVD original trilogy set from 2006, which included the original theatrical version of each of the films, as well as the remastered version and the 2011/2015 bluray as well.

So all of these cases would need to be 3-disc Scanovo bluray cases. The bluray case should be similar to that of the Criterion Collection cases, which this collection is trying to emulate.

The Bonus Materials case would include the 3 bonus bluray discs from the 2011/2015 boxset and the Star Wars Trilogy Bonus Material DVD from the 2004 Star Wars boxset, which includes Empire of Dreams and other documentaries. So this case will be a 4-disc case.

The Force Awakens will just be the standard DVD/Bluray version, that that'll be a 2-disc set. The Last Jedi will be a 3-disc set. That'll be the same for Rogue One and Solo and The Clone Wars film.

The Holiday Special even though will be DVD, most likely being a burnt copy of the special onto DVD-R 9 disc, will my a 2 disc bluray case set, with special features about what went wrong and why its a piece of trash.

The Ewok Adventure will be a one disc bluray case as well. The Droids and Ewoks edition will be the officially released edited films from the two 80s animated series that were released on double-sided DVDs in the early 2000s. They will be together in a 2-disc bluray case tho.

After that, the Tartakovsky Clone Wars mini series on DVD will be in a 2-disc blray case. The use of the clear Scanovo bluray cases will be to keep the consistency with all the editions of the films together.

This collection will not include The Clone Wars animated series, Rebels, Resistance or even the upcoming Mandalorian series. I don't know about Forces of Destiny, since it is a web series that does not have a full DVD or bluray release.
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Neat covers, but what's going on with that poster art for Attack of the Clones? "It's too [long] to be a [lightsaber]"
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[Image: ChkbJBh.png]
[Image: cXBZNEM.png]
Also some alternate Force Awakens covers

[Image: uW7NBIT.png]

[Image: e7VwO8m.png]
(05-18-2019, 03:28 AM)theryaney Wrote: Neat covers, but what's going on with that poster art for Attack of the Clones? "It's too [long] to be a [lightsaber]"

Big Grin 

Yeah, I guess. What I wanted to do with the Prequels was use the teaser posters for each of the films. That was the one for Attack of the Clones. Wanted it to be very simplistic, as opposed to the more artistic and classic poster rendering of the Original Trilogy and the IMAX posters that I wanna do for the Sequel trilogy covers. 

Here's that poster.

[Image: WG00276.jpg]

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