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Premiere importing 5.1 MKV/mp4
I'm trying to use Adobe Premiere to make a fanedit, and one thing I'm going to try to do is change some music from some scenes. I absolutely imagine it to be a huge pain in my ass, and expect to lose some scenes, and potentially use sound effects to completely re-foley others... But this is something I at least want to try.

As music and audio in general play a big roles in atmosphere and effect of a film, seemingly complicating matters is the fact I'm trying to work with the 5.1 audio mix.

I've ripped the BluRay multiple times (rather, had a friend do it since it's 2019 and I don't even have a disc drive, but had to buy the BluRay for this,) and I'm having issues getting any file I rip to work in Premiere. The MKV file will show the audio track but crashes Premiere before I can do any editing. When I use Media Encoder to make it an MP4, it imports no audio, just video. Both files play fine in VLC and Windows Media Player.

Anyone have any tips on getting a 5.1 MKV file to play nice in Premiere? Is there a recommended way to check file headers and correct them if that's the issue?
(05-10-2019, 09:39 PM)DigModiFicaTion Wrote: Here's a free way to rip your blu rays:
  1. Make MKV - rip the file
  2. tsMuxer - mux video into ts or m2ts file; mux ac3 file
  3. Audacity w/fmpeg plugin - drop ac3 file into audacity, select your audio stream, output multiple pcm wav files to create individual surround tracks (lf,rf,c,lfe,rl,rr)
  4. Drop files into Vegas, align and group
  5. Begin editing

Swap out Vegas for Premiere and you should be good to go. Keep in mind this will separate video and audio tracks.
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I'll give it a shot this way, thanks.
MKV files don’t work in Premiere. What ripper are you using? If you can get the original M2TS file that would be best.
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(05-12-2019, 07:34 AM)Q2 Wrote: MKV files don’t work in Premiere. What ripper are you using? If you can get the original M2TS file that would be best.

I would suggest this as well. I edited from the raw M2TS file from the "stream" folder on the Blu Ray, no video conversion whatsoever. In my case the raw file was already encoded as a very high-quality H264 file. I did need to extract the ac3 core as Addiesin suggested, since my example had DTS-Master audio and Premiere couldn't read it natively.

Also something to note for the far end of the process post-edit: Up until CC2017 Premiere had the ability to output 5.1 dolby digital ac3 files, but now it's been removed due to licensing and you have to export each channel individually iirc. You can still download CC2017 through an Adobe account though if you still need that functionality like I did.
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I actually bought the disc and passed it off to a friend, as I don't own a disc drive. I'm honestly not sure what he used to rip it.

Initially I tried MKV, then I had him rip it to MP4 once I realized MKV wasn't going to work. I'll ask him for the M2TS file then, if that works natively in Premiere. Thanks gang.
Jeffool, please be aware of the following rule:
own the source rule Wrote:An editor must obtain their editing copy on their own. If you own the Blu-Ray/DVD you must rip it yourself and not enlist the help of others. If you purchase a digital copy you must convert it on your own.

Please PM a staff with any questions regarding the Own the Source rule. Thanks!

The options presented of you ripping the .m2ts file as well as the multi step option appear to work in premiere. The thread will be temporarily closed while you obtain the ability to rip the disc yourself.
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