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Mod Ideas (Post your Mod ideas here!)
To start off.

Halo: Combat Evolved (original)

Recolor Cortana blue
Remove the Grunts
Add the Battle Rifle
Reduce the copy & paste corridors and repeated music

Detroit: Become Human

When the androids take off their skin, instead of the white android body they look like Terminators

Give the androids replicant eyes
Wake up, and smell the ashes.
TV's Shrink

He's like TV's Frink but 1/8 the size and he's always asking you how you feel and writing down your answer and saying "Mmhmm."

Edit: oh.
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^ Sounds neat  Wink
Wake up, and smell the ashes.
TV's Drink

It's the proprietary beverage exclusive to the TV's ice skating Rink.
Mega Man is best game.
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What is even happening right now.
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[Image: _74814050_mod2.jpg]

We are, we are , we are the mods!

Oh wait, wrong mods.
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[Image: latest?cb=20180531154105]

Does Mad Mod count?
Mega Man is best game.

Lets get back on topic please
Wake up, and smell the ashes.
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A Crash Twinsanity mod that restores ALL of the cut content (and there is a lot of it!).
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A mod for all the 3d sonic games that let's you play as Knuckles, but with his hat from the Sonic ova
Mega Man is best game.
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