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Spider-Man: "The Alien Costume" Recut:
Spider-Man: "The Alien Costume" Recut:

I grew up watching the Spider-Man TAS show as a kid. I owned the VHS tape to all 3 episodes and would watch them very often. To see an edit such as this was very interesting to watch and prove that it could have been a straight to video movie! This edit proves that it could have easily been that.

Video: The quality of the video is as best as to the quality that has been released, so no Blu-Ray quality here, although I fully knew what I was into. The nostalgia in me thought it was fine, but it may seem low quality to some due to the dvd quality of the video from a 90s tv show. There are rumors that Spider-Man TAS may come out on Blu-Ray one day, where this edit would definitely be the better for it. Seeing this in full on Blu-Ray remastered quality would be spectacular!

Audio: Once again, the audio is as best as the quality that has been released yet. My feelings for this are the same for video, where a remastered version could one day benefit this great forgotten show hence better this edit!

Editing: I honestly didn't notice any changes since I was enjoying watching this edit too much. There were only a couple places where I noticed since there were some cringy dumb moments here and there in the original where I found that they had disappeared in this edit. Combining the episodes was seamless. Well done!

Narrative: No great immense changes here, but keeping it relatively the same with cuts here and there is truly enjoyable. Well done!

Enjoyment: Overall, this was a great edit where Spider-Man fans who remember watching the cartoon should give this a shot as it portrays the symbiote storyline as it was meant to be!


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