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Video Quality
So I render a fan edit to mp4 but the video quality is significantly worse and i have no idea how to fix this, if anybody has any idea how to fix this please tell me.
I use Vegas Pro.
Much, much more info will be needed to help out on this one. If you could post some info about your source file, project settings, render settings etc?
Okay so this happens to everything I want to render movies shows it doesn't matter. My projects settings are 1920x800 and 23.9 fps I haven't changed anything else and I render in the standard 1080p mp4.
The quality is not horrible but it ain't great either.
That's not what he means by project settings.

What are you putting into your editor? Lossless video in a codec like Lagarith or huffyuv in an AVI container? Professional-level "near lossless" codecs like ProRes? The unaltered Blu-Ray format of H.264 in an m2ts or MKV container? A ripped and reencoded Blu-Ray in H.264 format in an MKV or MP4 container?

What are your output settings? You say MP4, but that's a container that can mean many things. Is the codec H.264? H.265? MPEG-2? Are you using a set bitrate (like, say, 3000kbps)? Variable or constant bitrate? 1-pass or 2-pass encoding? Or are you using a constant quality encode, and if so, what's your CRF value? 18? 14? 22?

All of these things are important to figuring out why your quality isn't where you want it.
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A screenshot could also help us. If we can see your settings in a screenshot we might be better able to help.
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Good call, especially if everything in my post sounds like Greek to you. Wink
I wasn't on pc then but here are some screenshots:

[Image: H0fQGVLl.png]
[Image: 1qn5M2tl.png]
[Image: 2l1SWKil.png]
Those pictures are in terrible quality, I can't read a single thing because of how blurry it is.
(05-10-2019, 04:09 AM)theryaney Wrote: Those pictures are in terrible quality, I can't read a single thing because of how blurry it is.

How do i upload in better qualty?
You seem to be missing a screenshot (the last in the original image post), that isn't uploaded, instead it's just blank.

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