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From Hell: Engraved In Stone:
From Hell: Engraved In Stone:

I just watched this last night. It's been a good while since I watched the original from hell, so I can't say much as to the changes. I watched with 2 other people, and no one noticed anything out place. I went back to check the cutlist. I never would have guessed how much of the film came from deleted scenes. That's truly invisible editing. Great call on ditching the Manson song. I can't even imagine it over the credits.

The biggest change is probably the colouring.. It's gorgeous throughout, and makes the whole town seem more threatening and cold. There's one shot towards the end where Ian Holm's eyes go jet black like Bela Lugosi, which is reason enough for the change.

Well worth the time, and It'll probably be less time til my next viewing. Well done to Tm2yc.


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