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Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom: Willie Scott Edition:
Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom: Willie Scott Edition:

I always thought TOD was the weakest Indy movie.

I considered this to be true even after Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was released. Crystal Skull suffered from a lot of issues that affect modern cinema, but TOD was always bad. Different kinds of bads.

NJVC fixed Crystal Skull, changing the movie into something I can easily enjoy, Raiders of the Lost Skull.

TOD was something I never found really fixed...until now. I thought it was a pity, since it had some inspiring moments, and a young Indiana Jones, in a different, dark adventure.

I always thought it was because of including the kids in the story and the difficulty to film something realistic with so many kids... I thought that there was something not letting things work there.

But then I saw this release and watched it. What a big surprise. How Willie Scott was protrayed in the movie was the main lackluster... fixing Willie revives the film in so many ways!
Pace is better, character development and depth feels better, the story feels more real and natural....
This edit has left me with "my" go-to version of TOD. At last a version I can easily rewatch!

lapis did it for me. A version of the movie I can enjoy, despite its flaws (in the original movie).

This could be somehow considered a "feminist" edit, in the best meaning of the word possible and I cannot do anything else but strongly recommend its viewing.


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