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The Return of Sherlock:
The Return of Sherlock:

I watched this a few days after watching Ranger613's "Fall of Sherlock" edit. From a narrative perspective, this one feels more like 2 separate episodes fused together than a movie. It may be because only two episodes were used, because the Moriarty arc was the absolute perfect arc to edit, or because everything else is pretty stand-alone in the series. Whatever the reason, the material just feels stuck together. I love Sherlock and I love both these episodes on their own, but it felt like I was forcing myself to get through this edit once it hit the wedding toast. The low quality of the edit also was not the most pleasing to get through too. I'm not sure if there's an HD version, but the my copy was ~1.5G, and the sound was noticeably distracting throughout.

I loved the editing work you did on this, don't get me wrong. I just had a hard time enjoying it from beginning to end. But I'll probably check out your "Vow of" edit to see how you worked that one up.


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