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Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi: Rekindled:
Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi: Rekindled:

I have recently watched a few fan edits of the The Last Jedi as I struggle to watch the original version due to all the unnecessary side story's (Canto Bite) and cringy jokes and awkward moments (Finn and Rose kiss). Out of all the fanedits I watched this one is definitely the best of them in my opinion. This edit has removed or modified the worst parts of the film but still kept in most of the story which makes the pacing so much better. The lightsaber toss is still there but with the dramatic music playing it doesn't come across as a gag for a cheap laugh. The Poe "mama" joke has been removed but the rest of the dialogue is still in place which I think works because Poe is using it to stall so he can his get X-Wing ready to attack. The Canto Bite scene is now about 5mins and there is no awkward love interest between Finn and Rose. The silly fight scene with Finn and Phasma is gone and BB8 on the walker has also been removed and too be honest these scene are not missed. Admiral Holdo is still annoying as ever (I cant stand her purple hair. I wish there was an edit where her hair was blonde or something) but I have come to accept that.

The other edits I watched I found too much content was removed the from film and it just didn't flow well. Whereas this edit seem to balance the good and the bad parts of the movie. I actually found I was starting to enjoy the film and realized this should have been how TLJ should been released in the cinemas. This will be my go to edit for TLJ moving forward.


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