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Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi: Anti-Cringe-Cut:
Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi: Anti-Cringe-Cut:

I truly loved this edit. The ending is exactly how it should have been and this is what I imagined it should have been when I left the theater when i fist saw TLJ. Don't change it!!! LOL

i have no criticisms, but here are some improvements/suggestions if you ever are going to release a version 2, here are my 1 cents worth that would be cool.

1. At the 40th minute (40:20), it would be cool if the next scene cut to the "hall of mirrors" (around 53:50) and mute all her dialogue and let the scene continue until 55:56 and then you cut back to 40:22 where Luke says to her "you went straight to the dark"...this would parallel nicely with Lukes encounter with Vadar in episode 5 when he saw his own face in vadars mask. Rey saw her reflection in the the underground cave, suggestion a reflection of potential darkness....and luke says that she didn't even resist. For me the whole, my parent dialogue doesn't work in the cave but I guess it could be left in suggesting maybe she is willing to use the dark side to get her answers about who her parents are...kind of like "selling ones soul" to get answers. Either one would work.

2. If you follow point number 1, that cave scene has to be removed from 53:23. So basically keep the scene from 51:12 to 53:20 and then jump to 56:11 to make the scene more seamless.

3. Now this would be cool to pull off like Ivan Ortega. I like the idea of a training montage like Ivan did and I wonder if point 1 and 2 are edited in...then you would have to be creative with what remains ...but I think this movie really need that to make Rey training much more believable and powerful from my point of view:

Here is the montage that i like and you can get some idea to incorporate it into your cut. I mean using Reys light saber scene and the scen when she fights Luke. You can find it on Ivan YouTube channel

Rey Actually Trains! (Rey's Training Fixed!!! Part 02)

4. The scene where Luke give the saber back to Rey and Luke saying "I am sorry", is equally as effective as Ivan's version to (Luke Skywalker Doesn't Throw His Lightsaber Away! (FIX UPDATE))

5. 1:32:43...nothing major...but lea is in the wide shot if you look real hard..lol...no a deal breaker.

6. Overall theme, if it could be done...Show luke more as a fallen Jedi rather than "I am hear to die" on the island. Maybe that dialogue can be removed. But i guess your ending shows his redemption. Its a toss up for me.

Conclusion, outstanding Edit !!!!


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