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Marvel Cinematic Universe
It was probably just a show of strength on Sony's part so they could get a better deal.
Courage, men! we've not sunk before, and we'll not sink now!
Hollywood is simply training us not to believe anything they say. Smile
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(09-27-2019, 12:37 PM)addiesin Wrote: Hollywood is simply training us not to believe anything they say. Smile

...Or like anything they put out
(09-27-2019, 11:14 AM)bionicbob Wrote: Marvel and Sony kissed and made up!
Will produce third Spider-man together.

Well, that's the second-best piece of news I've heard all week, after the hoopla from Washington, DC! (By which I mean, my buddy who lives there found a new favorite brewpub in Adams Morgan.) Big Grin
(09-27-2019, 11:14 AM)bionicbob Wrote: Marvel and Sony kissed and made up!
Will produce third Spider-man together.

Damn, now I have to care about the MCU going forward. Wink

Jokes aside, this is fantastic news! Far from Home's ending deserved a proper follow-up. Here's hoping that, between Spidey 3 and the future MCU movie Spidey is now contracted to appear in, they'll close out his arc so that it doesn't feel incomplete as it would have been if FFH had been the "end" of it. While leaving the door open for additional continuances of the Sony/Marvel deal, of course - Holland's Spidey should be around and part of the MCU as long as Holland is willing to keep playing him. I just don't want an unresolved cliffhanger in the middle of a multi-franchise story arc.

Feige's wording in the Variety article seems to imply that he's allowing Holland's Spidey to appear in non-MCU Sony spinoffs now, too, something that was probably a big point of contention in these negotiations (and tacitly makes those movies pseudo-MCU now)...

So, who's making an MCU-friendly Venom fan edit? I would, but I'd have to buy the movie first. Maybe...
Ending at FFH would’ve been hilarious. That cliffhanger would just mean “yeah he died/quit immediately.”

But yeah, I think we all knew they’d make up, right?
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I was sure they would at first, then less sure the longer it dragged on.

I also definitely don't think this deal will be the last of Spidey in the MCU, I think they're just going to treat it on a case by case basis from now on - make a new deal for one Spidey movie and one Spidey appearance in another MCU movie, then renegotiate after both of those are up.

This means they probably shouldn't commit to any long-running story arcs for Spidey after this unless they decide to make a longer-term deal, though.
Well, I'm breathing a sigh of relief at this news! Sony had trouble for a long time without Feige and co. Sure, Spider-Verse was great, but that was the first one to really get Spider-Man right after Sony made 5 attempts on their own, and notably after they had Homecoming as a probable influence on how to proceed. 

Both deals that were previously presented to the public were unreasonable, IMO. I'm glad they worked something out, because Spider-Man has never been better than he's been since 2016.

Here's an article from Variety about it:


I'm surprised they said only one other future MCU film, but as ChainsawAsh noted, they'll probably keep re-negotiating after each round. Rumors were heavy that Peter might show up in Captain Marvel II, which is unsurprising considering that 

he seemed to have a crush on Carol when they briefly met in Endgame,

but I have a hunch that Feige will want to use him in another Avengers movie, once they finally announce one. (Considering how much money Endgame made, I'm surprised it's taken them this long with still no official new big team-up movie announced. Sure, Endgame was a satisfying wrap-up, and I think it's nice to take a little break before gearing up for the next big event, but that's thinking like a viewer, not like a studio mogul whose latest team-up movie broke all the box office records.)
Sounds interesting: https://www.digitalspy.com/movies/a29827...-revealed/
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It’s too bad all these movies are being delayed. I was really looking forward to The Penultimates but I guess we’ll have to wait till 2024.

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