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Conquest of Jurassic World:
Conquest of Jurassic World:

I think you must have seen both films before watching this edit. It is well done, especially the beginning and ending, the only problem I have found is that sometimes it's not easy to understand when a flashback has started.
This problem would be completely nonexistent for those who have already seen both movies but I had only seen the first one, hence at times I got confused (although I quickly got back on track). The events were realigned in a very interesting way.
Some scenes are laughably bad and cliche, which made me completely disconnect, but that's the film's fault not the edit's.
I have found the ending to be particularly interesting and well done with a juxtaposition of the events between the second and the first film.
All in all it's a good way to enjoy Jurassic park without feeling bloated, especially for those who enjoyed the first series of films.


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