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Stephen King's IT: The Cinematic Cut:
Stephen King's IT: The Cinematic Cut:

This is the first TV to Movie fanedit I've ever watched and it certainly did it's job. Ten minutes in and I really started to forget that I was watching a TV movie. I'm sure the letterboxing and color grading took a lengthy amount of time but they're really what make this edit shine!

It's been years since I watched the original. I purchased it on iTunes a few months ago but never got around to watching it. Now I'm pretty glad I didn't as this will be my definitive version of the movie. While I'm sure there are more, there were only two scenes that I remembered being in the original that were cut. Neither were missed and this goes to show that the visual and audio editing were both seamless. I really dug the score replacements and felt they helped to give the movie a more modern feel. Speeding up shots of Pennywise attacking definitely made him an even more terrifying character and I loved the editor's work there.

I only had two gripes with this edit and both were minor. It seems that the color would flicker in certain scenes but that may have even been in the original source. There were a few times where it seemed that the frame rate may have been a bit off because the video seemed to have a slight stutter. Again, these gripes were minor to me and didn't really impact my enjoyment of the edit.

Overall, wonderful job with this! I watched it with a friend and we both very much loved it. I would highly recommend it to anyone on here that digs horror and I very much look forward to your other works!


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