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Poll: What was your Favorite Edit in February 2019?
You do not have permission to vote in this poll.
Iron Man 2: At the Core of It by lapis molari
6 40.00%
The Amazing Spider-Man: Extended Edition by Masirimso17
1 6.67%
RoboCop: TV Edit HD Restoration by kchrules
0 0%
Ghost in the Shell 2017: Lean & Mean Edition by FairFriend
6 40.00%
Batman & Robin: A Different Lens by Zarius
0 0%
Shogun Assassin Chapter Two: Flaming Swords of Carnage by Scott Sandrock & WalrusSAS
2 13.33%
Total 15 vote(s) 100%
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February 2019 FEOTM
[Image: vote.jpg]

This month we have 6 fanedits to choose from for Favorite Edit of the Month. Editors, please remember you can't vote for yourself. Your nominees are...

[Image: ironman2core-front-4-1549225263.jpg]
By lapis molari

[Image: amazingspiderextended-front-83-1549224520.jpg]
By Masirimso17

[Image: robocoptv-front-4-1549223939.jpg]
By kchrules

[Image: gits-leanmean-front-42-1550427348.jpg]
By FairFriend

[Image: batmanlens-front-81-1550426659.jpg]
By Zarius

[Image: shogunassassin-front-46-1551050000.jpg]
By Scott Sandrock & WalrusSAS

This is the discussion thread for February 2019 FEOTM. Post away!
Ooh, great edits. I better catch up!
I'm excited! Go Iron Man! Blast ahead with a sonic boom, don't stay behind nurturing a hangover in a giant doughnut!   Tongue
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Can I have three votes please because I cannot decide? Big Grin
GitS for sure for me.
Waited for it since release.

This is the last week to vote for the February edits. If you haven't voted yet, do it now! Heart

To quote West Wing, rather than saying:
"It doesn't matter who you vote for, make sure you vote", it should be:
"No matter who you vote for, make sure you vote".
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