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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Revisited:
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Revisited:

This was an improvement over the last edit for several reasons. First Chamber of Secrets is just a much better film than Philosopher's was. Not only are the kid actors on a whole much better, but Chris Columbus’ directing isn’t as limp and boring. Second is that the editing for this edit is just much better than it was for the previous one. Most of my complaints from the previous edit are gone. There are still scenes cut that shouldn’t have been because they make later scenes feel as if they happen too fast or for no reason, getting the letters at the burrow is necessary for them to go to Dragon Alley because now we have no idea why they’re going there, and cutting out Lockheart deboning Harry’s arm makes the editing too obvious. However, now all these problems are contained to the first act and after the first petrification, there are no editing foibles except for one and before continuing on to what the film does well I have to get this out of the way.

On my first viewing not knowing about this edit before watching it, not revealing it was Ginny who was taken into the Chamber until Harry’s in it didn’t work because knowing it’s Ginny whose been taking really adds to the urgency. However, on a subsequent rewatch that change doesn’t bother me anymore. Now to go onto some more of the positives. The film feels more confident in its new tone than the first one did. The only time a musical choice feels jarring is in the very beginning of the film when the opening titles end and Hedwig starts screeching, and when Riddle explodes, because the original can be heard underneath it. I also thought adding music from films other than Harry Potter worked really well. I enjoyed hearing the musical track that you used during the 3rd petrification and when Harry figures out what the monster is. Does anyone know what that song is and where it’s from because I really love that track?

Most of the cuts you make I have to compliment. Removing the hand sequence from Borgin and Burkes and cutting right to Harry in Nockturn Allery is something the original should have done. I’m also glad that most of the deleted scenes were added into the film. I’m glad to see the flashback from the previous movie back into this one. This time it’s used sparingly, only twice, proving that in this case less really is more. Also, the ending is just too jarring. Yeah, I know the original ending is too cheesy, but so is the ending for Prisoner. Also, it now feels like a tease or a trailer for the next movie rather than an actual ending. However, it just seems that with the goal of this edit it was really impossible to have the ending work all that well. Overall I’d recommend this edit because it’s despite some of my gripes it was well done.


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