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Movies That Never Should Have Had A Sequel
The first time I watched Jurassic Park was on DVD a few years ago and loved it. I appreciated the effects that were groundbreaking at that time but of course to me what made the film so good was the compelling story and the gripping plot. It was just so well written. It's not a perfect movie of course, heck I think besides John Hammond the other characters like Alan Grant was just pretty good. I don't think I could pick any of the characters as "unforgettable" or "iconic". But point is we cared a lot about them and how the film would go. So jrWHAG42 and @"SonofSinbad" I strongly recommend you watch this one.

Personally I just think that Alan Grant's arc of learning to like children was a little disconnected from the main themes of the movie. It only served to make you care about him protecting John Hammond's grandkids, which is fine, but his change isn't really that profound. The most compelling change is of course with John Hammond himself.

Then I bought the trilogy Blu-Ray and continued with Lost World and I liked that one too. Again, without knowledge of the original book, I thought it reinforced the messages of the original film well and the "monster movie" element was upped very well, especially the scene with the van hanging from a cliff and the raptor chase. The characters in this movie was also pretty good and similar in my eyes to the ones in JP. I was even fine with the T-Rex in the city third act, don't know why people have such a problem with it. It again shows the consequences of men messing with nature.

Of course it doesn't bring back the wonder and magic of the first movie but frankly I don't think anything could, as proven by several sequels that failed to do so. So I at least appreciate the second film for not solely trying to recapture that same magic and instead focusing more on its own story, development, worse consequences and situations for the heroes, etc. So I understand that this movie is not for everyone as Moe_Syzlak described his distaste for the monster movie elements but personally I do enjoy it.

3 I thought was just embarrasingly bad. JW when I saw it in theaters I hated it but I'm thinking of giving it a second chance. Fallen Kingdom I just avoided.

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