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Movies That Never Should Have Had A Sequel
(04-17-2020, 02:44 AM)Moe_Syzlak Wrote: For me, the sequels and even the last act of the original JP fail to understand what made JP great (well for me at least). It wasn’t about a monster movie; it was the wonder and the scientific and ethical issues explored. In short, I liked the more sci fi aspects of it and less the monster movie aspects. The sequels are all focused on the monster movie aspects to near exclusion of everything else.

To be fair Lost World was (& Fallen Kingdom too I think) about animal abuse/cruelty however well executed you may think it was. I liked how Lost World reinforced the “don’t mess with nature” message from the first one. I haven’t seen Fallen Kingdom but I heard it was incredibly stupid especially at the end.

Let the dinosaurs die and protect the lives of many, or let them loose to the world and threaten the entire human race?

Jurassic World was I think was a metacommentary about commercialization/capitalism/franchising... in the sequel to one of the most highest grossing film series ever... and became the third highest grossing film ever until Force Awakens surpassed it... Man that movie was at odds with itself.

I think 3 was the most superfluous one.

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