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Songs Stuck in Your Head
I constantly have songs stuck in my head. Sometimes just parts of a song, sometimes multiple songs, sometimes multiple songs that blend together into one. The worst is when I don't know the nof a song or any of the words, so I can't even look it up. 
So I made this thread so that I can just throw out whatever tune is on my mind, as can you, potentially. 

I've been meaning to make this thread for a while, and now that I finally make it, I have nothing in particular on my mind to share at the moment. But that will change soon probably.
Mega Man is best game.
Me and Bobby McGee just popped in my mind. I only know the song because it's on the Watchmen soundtrack, of which the contents of are included on my Google Play Music favorites playlist.
Mega Man is best game.

And this

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Great... now this is back in my head:
Beat wise this is allways in my head

Completed Fanedits
Spider-Man 3 Back And Black

World War Z: Take Two
Crank: The SOS Cut
Beat wise, I constantly have the beginning drum of Scentless Apprentice by Nirvana on my mind.

Mega Man is best game.
^ Truth.

Surely this one..? Wink

(Lovely ELO cover)
I get songs in my head daily, but its fine because its a nice distraction from tinnitus, and its never songs I don't like, it would only be a problem if it was polka getting stuck in my head. F#CK POLKA!

Basically if there is no actual music playing then there might as well be, sometimes I'm doing something then I have to go for a walk or something and go to shut off the radio only to realize it wasn't even turned on.
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