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Conquest of Jurassic World:
Conquest of Jurassic World:

A vast improvement over both films to be sure. Jurassic World was excellent but suffered from reboot syndrome and thinly written characters. The contrast between Claire and Owen across the two films adds some much needed depth to their characters and rewards intelligent viewers by giving them something to observe and think about as the otherwise shallow proceedings fly by.
This film also brings the ideas posed by the series directly to the fore, offering a much richer experience.
The pacing is very good as the events of both films go by up until the volcano erupts. Other reviews have said they think flashbacks should have ended here and I see why. The flashbacks are used fairly well thereafter but the 2nd film takes precedence leaving the remaining scenes of Jurassic World spread so thin as to loose all impact. I found the constant cutting away from the climax of Jurassic World, and the fact that that story had no further bearing on the present day events caused these scenes to flounder and the pacing in the final act suffered deeply for it.
Other than that, a worthy edit, showing excellent technical prowess and turning The Fallen Kingdom into a much better film.


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