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Captain America: Civil War - Marvel Crossover:
Captain America: Civil War - Marvel Crossover:

I always liked Civil War a lot but felt Zemo was the weakest part of it. Here Lapis Molari does a great job of cutting back on Zemo, making him more on the level of Crossbones (a product of the Avengers in this world rather than the big mastermind), and putting the geopolitics at the core of what tears the Avengers apart. It gives the film more of a CA: Winter Soldier political thriller vibe (which I LOVE) and makes for a smaller scale, more intimate story between Tony, Steve, and their teammates. Seriously, MUCH BETTER than the original cut, especially with the news stories kicking off the film. I also agree with Zarius that the sudden cut out of Wakanda before we see the glorious view, as well as the fast swipe to Tony at Avengers HQ, were a little jarring. But nothing too damning. Overall this took great Marvel movie and made it REALLY great!


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