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Back to the Future 3: Marty Changes History:
Back to the Future 3: Marty Changes History:

The second part of Lapis Molari's more pedal to the metal version of BTTF2 and 3 certainly does what it says on the tin! I'm always surprised by how many folk seem to like part 3 the least of the trilogy, for me it's the second that while brilliant slightly pales compared to the other two. BTT3 is Doc's turn in the limelight so for me in it's original form it's slower pace and setting than the previous two bookended the trilogy beautifully. Bearing in mind the purpose of the edit though I was prepared for a faster paced version of things much like LM's part two, the editor nips and tucks very well to condense things down to a crisp and fast moving 90 mins. Narratively in terms of plot points it does the job perfectly well but I did find the 'snipped' interaction between Doc and Marty and also Doc and Clara affected my enjoyment of the edit. Considering BTTF2 runs 80mins in the other edit personally I would have allowed part 3 to breathe a little more while still keeping to the sub 180min target. My gripes are mainly down to my own feelings about part three though, if you are looking for a fast paced edit of this installment that feels somewhat more balanced between Marty and Doc than Doc's film this is the edit you're looking for ..


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