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Back to the Future 2: Biff Changes Time:
Back to the Future 2: Biff Changes Time:

The editor had a nice concept here aiming to get both BTTF2 and BTTF3 under 90 mins each to enable them to be watched back to back in a single sitting. The first film is most definitely a sacred cow I personally couldn't remove a second from with the intention of improving it but parts 2 and 3 are definitely more fair game. The editor speeds the whole film to 88mph pretty much from the outset, nips and tucks are made throughout and are handled both technically and narratively very well, the pacing however I would say is completely down to ones personal taste or mood. I don't really have too many issues with the original cut of part two so theres cuts I certainly wouldn't have made but as the intention of the edit is to speed things up I envisage I might watch this version again if I were to binge the trilogy in a single night. The biggest difference between this and the original takes place during Marty's visit to alternate 1985 and its here where the viewer will notice the cuts most obviously if like me you've seen it a gazillion times. It's a little jarring at first but knowing what the editor is going for it does make sense narratively and as a streamlined version of part two for binge watching the edit as a whole is just the ticket! I was also very impressed with the audio and in particular the video quality on this one too which to my eyes looked identical to the original Blu-ray.

A fine edit indeed!


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