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Matrix Revolutions Decoded, The:
Matrix Revolutions Decoded, The:

First off, thanks to Jerick for taking on this project and helping me find the dl.

It has been a while since I watched the Matrix movies, so I pulled out my DVD of the first one to refresh my memory, then followed up with Jerick's edit. Audio & video quality & editing are excellent. If I didn't know better, I would not have realized I wasn't watching a studio release.

It's been long enough since I watched the originals that I didn't remember some parts until later, reading the change list. I mostly didn't miss anything! I do think Trinity got a bit sidelined later in the edit, and the story resolution comes up kind of quickly. I could've done with a bit more lead-up and more involvement from Trinity, and wouldn't have minded some of Neo's "real world" super powers. He is "The One," and that wasn't 100% there for me towards the end. Still, that's a matter of taste and it's hard to make more than minor criticisms here. If I could rate 9-1/2 for Enjoyment, I'd bump up my score slightly.

Oh, and I would've been okay with more Persephone.... Wink


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