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Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom: Willie Scott Edition:
Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom: Willie Scott Edition:

I have been meaning to check this edit out for a while and finally got around to it. I think this second installment is often overly maligned. Yes, the love interest and sidekick can be annoying. Yes, some of effects are wonky by today's standards. But I like the idea of it more than Last Crusade, which I felt was more of a retread. I think an occult cult is a good bad guy for an Indiana Jones story. And I like the setpieces in this one better than Crusade. That said, Willie Scott was always an annoying character. This edit does a good job of minimizing that. But she still comes off as someone you struggle to see what Jones sees in her other than looks. Another misstep in this entry was thinking that kids needed an avatar of themselves to relate to. Short Round is not a good character and it has become worse with time. I wouldn't mind seeing Temple of Doom: the Willie Scott and Short Round Edition that gives the same treatment to Short Round that this edit gave to Willie Scott. I had to watch this by using Screen Mirroring to my Apple TV. So while there were some glitches in my viewing experience, I am almost certain that was due to the Mirroring so I'm not taking off nay points there. As someone who doesn't hate Doom as much as many others, I thought this was a good improvement. But I'd still like it to have gone further, particularly with regards to Short Round.


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