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Spider-Man: Far From Home
This review (which contains some spoilers) hits the nail on the head, in my opinion.

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(07-11-2019, 05:16 AM)Zarius Wrote:
(07-11-2019, 01:32 AM)Gaith Wrote: A totally delightful flick; the MCU is now 23 for 23, a run of solid to great movies so astonishingly consistent that it barely gets commented on anymore.

I find most of them pretty piss-poor or just "ok" personally.  I'm afraid to say their popularity baffles me.

You've mentioned this many times. It's fine for you to dislike things, it should be fine for others to like things without you chiming in with your "I think they suck" commentary.
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i love it! well, okay, i don't love it, but i really really like it. i'll probably have to watch it again at some point in time to actually love it, like i had to with homecoming, but i enjoyed this a ton. the first half, like ChainsawAsh said, does drag a little, but it's overcompensated by a superb second half.

i loved mysterio, and actually thought they were going to take the alternate earth route with his character, because they really did convince me, and with the revelation taking so long to happen and all. great filmmaking! loved how they brought back characters from previous situations, it really helps humanize the MCU. it was perfect. mysterio and the mysterio team, 10/10.


i have to say though, the amazing spider man's series' romantic pair is still the best in any spiderman movie to date to me. but holland and zendaya give them a run for their money. and to think maguire and dunst used to be gold standard in my mind... how things change! 

i definitely recommend it to any spidey fans out there, even if you don't like the MCU. it does rely heavily on endgame, but you're living under a rock if you don't know what happened on that one.
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It helped that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were dating IRL while making those movies.

But yeah, I think Zendaya/Holland have them beaten for best on-screen Spidey romance now.
(07-11-2019, 09:26 PM)ChainsawAsh Wrote: It helped that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were dating IRL while making those movies.

That's no guarantor of onscreen chemistry, as lots of listicles have chronicled over the years. IMO, Stone is definitely a better actress than Dunst, and is better than what I've seen of Zendaya so far, and Garfield is definitely a better actor than Maguire, and likely better than Holland also, though Holland is so dang distractingly cute it's hard to tell. Also, I maintain that ASM1 Gwen is the most layered and believable heroine in any live-action Spidey movie thus far, so it's no surprise that I consider their romance the best - another point in ASM1's favor.

Holland and Zendaya are super-cute together, no complaints there, but apart from her odd persona, I don't feel that I know much about her MJ yet at all. I am glad to just now learn, however, that her MJ is not actually Mary-Jane Watson, because I'm all for mixing things up in these endless reboots, and not recycling names for brand-new, otherwise entirely different characters just because one can. (Yes, having her be named MJ rather obscures that, but, oh well.)
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Did you not see Homecoming? She's only referred to as Michelle throughout Homecoming until the end ("My friends call me MJ"), so it's been pretty clear that she isn't actually Mary-Jane Watson from the beginning.
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in Homecoming she wasn't called MJ until the very last scene i think. but yeah, i agree with most of your post. Smile
What has hardened will never win.
So I guess I'm the only one who liked this less than Homecoming?

I found it to be a lot broader, really leaning in to the goofy comic moments.  The plot of Homecoming seemed like a pretty organic unfolding of events that didn't mess with your suspension of disbelief.  For example

unlike previous movies, when Vulture hears about 2 coincidences with Peter/Spider-Man, he is immediately confident enough to pull a gun on him.  No "but he can't possibly be a kid!" or some other tired tropes

Whereas in Far From Home, their entire trip is the most ridiculous field trip normal high school students would never go on, and then continues to become more and more ridiculous.  There is 0 believability there.  Then the relationships are played for Rom-Com meet-cute sensibilities, and the villain's incredibly elaborate plan seems to hinge on 

a pretty paltry amount of bro-ing out with Peter.  Seriously, saying how idiotic you were after giving the glasses to a total stranger doesn't not change the idiotic writing.  Peter is supposed to be a smart, responsible dude who just gets caught in impossible situations.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the movie, but I thought the plotting and writing was much weaker than the previous film.  And also: Peter is suddenly head over heels for MJ?!  Since when?!  He barely knew who she was last movie!  What reason does he have for liking her, besides the name expectation?  If she's actually an important character and not just a figurehead for the male character to obsess over, how about showing the process that leads him to actually like her?  Make me believe.  It all just seemed pretty thin.  A popcorn flick, and not much else...
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(10-31-2019, 09:14 PM)mnkykungfu Wrote: in Far From Home, their entire trip is the most ridiculous field trip normal high school students would never go on, and then continues to become more and more ridiculous.  There is 0 believability there.

How so? Minus the supervillain, I basically went on the same trip when I was in high school (although to a different set of countries).
(10-31-2019, 09:14 PM)mnkykungfu Wrote: So I guess I'm the only one who liked this less than Homecoming?
Nope, I really disliked the film too. Most of my problems stem from the fact it's a Spider-Man movie within a Marvel movie, whereas I just wanted a Spider-Man movie. It might be the thing that finally burnt me out with the MCU.

Homecoming touched on interesting themes of class conflict, whereas I couldn't really put my finger on what Far From Home was trying to say. WGPCGR I guess? But like, that's standard for Spidey so...

Vulture's motivation, while the same on the surface to Mysterio's, was so much better developed and sympathetic. If Mysterio didn't have cool visuals working for him, his character wouldn't be nearly as interesting.

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