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Batman: The Man Who Laughs:
Batman: The Man Who Laughs:

For little room for improvement, Ryantology upgrades the second entry of TDK trilogy to another level. This is indeed a fanfix edit. Really few and subtle changes. All removed scenes are done for good and. For my taste, the only one I could feel unnecessary and abrupt in the excision would be the scene of the Batman landing on the scarecrow's car. Besides that, excellent visual testing. Beyond shortening the running time of the film, removal of silly jokes and childish recurrent lines makes a lot of good to achieve this quality level.

Concerning soundtrack rescoring, seamless replacement and great results. Especially, the tumbler persecution and the closing part of the movie shine completely and provide a kind of track variety that maybe the theatrical version lacks. The only downside I found was the need to adjust my TV volume up and down over the viewing in order to understand some characters' voices and the availability of only 2 audio channels. Nevertheless, considering the file size 4,75 Gb is not something to be really picky about.

Narrative and enjoyment scores to the maximum for sure. It is one of my favorite movies and a modern classic. Improving source material when it's already top-notch is a major accomplishment. Congrats Ryantology for having made the ultimate version of "The Dark Knight" and sharing this piece of artwork.


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