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Blade Runner 2049: New Vangelis Cut:
Blade Runner 2049: New Vangelis Cut:

When I saw BR2049 in theaters, my only complaint was that the soundtrack wasn't quite cutting it: this fanedit solved this problem and made an already great film into a near perfect one; the new Vangelis soundtrack really makes the world of the movie feel so much deeper and more alive in my opinion.

The narrative is also made leaner through the excision of unnecessary "nostalgia-fodder" and some dialog i, like PE, found a bit annoying (namely, too many women hitting on K). I think cutting Wallace's screen time actually makes him into a much more menacing figure, hidden the shadows, although the dialogue in his intro now feels a bit clunky, especially on first watch.

The editing is flawless, and except for a few aesthetic remarks (I would've cut K screaming from the memory lab scene and I would've just got rid of the eye closeup entirely instead of placing it at the end, which I find a wee bit distracting) I have nothing but praise for this edit. Absolutely recommended!


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