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The "Mixing Up TV/Movie Quotes" Thread
(11-21-2018, 01:06 AM)suspiciouscoffee Wrote: [Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

"I'll tell you a secret, something I've never told you before.  Then you'll tell me one.  And whoever tells the best secret wins, okay? When I was your age I'd only just started masturbating. And I'd only just started ejaculating. Only a little, barely a drop. I was worried that I had some kind of a problem because at school I'd heard all sorts of stories. Then one day, when my father had had a lot to drink and my brothers were out and he was sleeping in the bedroom, I crept inside, put my hand on his penis and started stroking it until he ejaculated. The sheets were covered in sperm. I got scared and ran out. I've never told anyone that before. Now it's your turn to tell me a secret."

That's kind of demented. I think the Joker needs serious help. I think he put one in the hole. Or lost it altogether.
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